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Freelance Videographers Wanted

Searching for Australian Videographers

We are searching for an Australian Videographer in Livingstone City

Amateur, Freelance, Drone Video or Agency's looking for a new and interesting opportunity. If you are fresh and looking for a way to break into the videography business or old hand Television Producer and like to hear our angle on new work please talk with us.
The Australian Regional Network, i.e the developer of this website.

Text or call me: Garry - 0423 450 493

More Info:
If you can hack together a video we would like to talk with you about an Australian opportunity in Livingstone City. Queensland. We we need videos, we need your help, we want to give you business.

Are you:

  • A Positive Person with Can Do Attitude
  • An Ethical Person and ability to deliver on promises
  • Entrepreneurial
  • located in or can travel to Livingstone City

Can You:

  • Understand simple good Customer Service
  • Shoot and Edit a simple short video

Do you have:

  • Any sort of half decent Camera Equipment and an Editing PC

We welcome Media Students and Aspiring Amateurs looking for a way to get into Video Work

Drone work? Great

Can you train others? Would you like to manage a team of videographers in your town? we are assembling an army of Videographers Australia Wide to tell our Australian Story, We will work on producing all range of Corporate, Product, Service Introduction, Mini Documentary, Local Business and Community short Video

Here is some examples, can you do this? (Links)


The Videos
Simple Business Videos, To get started, even with your iPhone if necessary, all we need is someone with common sense who is keen to do this It doesn't have to be Broadcast Quality.
Could you co-ordinate and produce a short business video?
I am looking for you in Livingstone City

Bigger, Drone Example

If you are looking for Videographer opportunities in your town or simply want an angle on breaking into that business, let's have a meeting and discuss. Its a Win Win I think you will like it.

Call or Text me: Garry - 0423 450 493
The Australian Regional network

Thank you
Image by Fvvdge CC BY-SA 4.0

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